How Can A Repair Shop Survive In A Competitive Environment?

If you are a repair shop, we have a way to help save you some money while getting a leg up against the competition. First, let’s discuss why repair shops are losing customers. IMR Incorporated did an automotive research study which shows half of shops believe they have competition. This competition consists of other independently owned shops, specialty repair shops, and new car dealers.

Other shops can be competition due to prices; they may be able to lower prices that beat yours. If your competition is a specialty repair shop, you could consider trying to expand your area of expertise in their specialty or focus on a different specialty to try and gain customers this way. Another issue is many people are starting to only get repairs done by the dealer they bought their vehicle from. This is understandable because they want the exact parts made by the dealer that sold them the car, worked on by mechanics that frequently repair their specific type of vehicle. Someone with a Ford Focus would want Ford replacement parts.

People going to dealers is actually a growing concern. According to IMR’s study, they found that new car dealers were the second biggest competition to repair shops. Zoning in on this is important because before it seemed that it dealers never really had a repair business until recently. As cars evolve they become more complex and more expensive, this is a big reason why prices have gone up in repair shops. The complexities of these cars also cause those who want to become mechanics more obstacles. They need more training or schooling to be able to fix these vehicles. Not to mention, the amount some mechanics need to invest in tools can be pricey. Shops could be spending up to $50,000 on tools alone; this article shows the amount that usually needs to be spent on tools and why young adults may be hesitant to join this trade.

Due to these price increases, dealers now don’t look as expensive for repairs as they used to. People are seeing this rise in costs and decide to go to the place where they bought the car, if it’s going to be a similar price to a regular repair shop, why not stick with someone who works on their type of vehicle more often.

What Can Be Done?

Here’s where we can help you, people want the part that fits their exact make and model, so with certain parts, why not buy them used? Used parts are beneficial because people usually do not need a replacement engine, transmission, transfer case, or even headlight assembly until the mid/end of their vehicles life. So, they probably would not mind saving money by purchasing a used auto part. When these types of parts die or fail, it’s usually an unfortunate circumstance, this is not the norm.

My Auto Store is a quality used auto parts store that will sell you an OEM replacement part for a decent price. Whether it is a used engine or used transmission, they have it in stock. All of their used car parts go through a 4 Stage Quality Control system before they are placed in their inventory. They are able to process thousands of original parts thanks to a revolutionary reverse assembly line and state of the art facilities.

In addition, they offer a 6 month warranty on all our used auto parts store products; so you can make your purchase with ease. You don’t ever have to go back to a junkyard or get an aftermarket part; you can get the original part for the exact make and model car.

Used engines and transmissions can be found on their website but don’t worry they have every car part you could ever need if you contact My Auto Store and speak to one of their representatives.

So, when you have someone walk into your shop with an engine that is going bad, you don’t have to watch them leave, disgusted by the price. By lowering your prices a little, because you are buying less expensive parts, customers will feel more obligated to save money and use your business. Not only will you be beating dealer prices, you will also be beating other repair shop prices as well, whether they are regular shops or specialty.

Used auto parts can also help specialty repair shops lower their prices, if you specialize in transmission repair, you can save too. Brand new transmissions can cost up to $3,500 but at My Auto Store, they have transmissions for sale starting at $400. Car parts stores like this can help any type of shop beat the prices of the dealers who are starting to capitalize on the automotive repair industry. Don’t hesitate! Go find the car parts you need to make your shop have the best prices in town.